About Us

Industrial Tube Corporation is a family owned and operated tube mill.
We have been producing high quality brass, copper, phosphor bronze, and nickel silver tubing at our mill in Somerville, New Jersey for over twenty-five years; but our experience ranges for over a century. The current management at ITC is a fourth generation in a long history of quality tube making, dating back to the early 1900’s in Germany.

While the times have changed, the basic concept of producing high quality, precision tubing at a competitive price has not changed. Through the years, ITC has implemented many state-of-the-art improvements to keep up with the fast paced and demanding industries that we serve. While these new developments keep challenging us, we have never lost sight of the important factors which keep our customers returning year after year:

Automotive Parts


Today’s customers demand zero defects. ITC is committed to delivering the right size, the first time.
Automotive Parts


Industry standards have closed over the years. ITC can consistently deliver tubing within standard industry requirements.
Automotive Parts


Today’s customers want things yesterday. ITC has the capability to react to the demanding time constraints our customers are feeling.
The future of Industrial Tube Corp. is looking brighter than ever. As new applications are being developed, ITC is there at the forefront bringing our years of experience to our customer’s assistance. Many capital improvements are being implemented to insure our growth along with our customers’. We believe that partnership between vendor and client is the key to continued excellence in industry.

We hope you find the information found on these pages to be informative and helpful. However, if you find that you still have questions regarding our capabilities, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.