Copper Tubing

Special Programs

Lean Manufacturing Operations
ITC has implemented lean manufacturing techniques by using cellular manufacturing, Kan Ban Systems and other productivity enhancing tools.Formal Training on lean manufacturing principles began in 2015.As a result of this initiative productivity rates have increased, inventory turns have been increased and scrap rates have decreased.

Stocking Programs

Stocking Programs are put in place for customers who want to have quick access to their material but who do not want to carry inventory on their shelves. Industrial Tube Corporation will hold an agreed upon quantity of material in stock for immediate availability to the customer. Stocking programs are flexible and can be set up in many ways. Stock can be held at the customer, at Industrial Tube Corporation or at an Independent Warehouse. Release programs and Packaging are set up specifically for each item in the stocking program.

Blanket Orders

Blanket Orders are used in order to firm pricing for an extended quantity or amount of time for the customer. With a blanket order in place the customer will always know the exact price of the raw material. Our mills policy is to firm all pricing at the time of the order. We do not price material ( P.I.E. – Price in effect at time of shipment ) as most other domestic mills do.